The Forgotten Day Season 1 Episode 1

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Waiter Ng Yiu-chung and his wife Sze Man-nga separate. The couple have a son called Ng Koon-yat. To raise money for Koon-yat to sign up for Junior Space Camp, Yiu-chung arbitrarily uses his mentally retarded younger brother Ng Yiu-chong’s salary to gamble. But he has no luck. He then thinks of taking advantage of his younger sister Ng Shun-may. Interior designer Meng Yat-yin is a perfectionist. He and his partner So Tak-ching always have different opinions. Yat-yin’s wife Yau Fei-yi argues with her father-in-law Meng Kwan-shui. Yat-yin uses some excuse for avoiding them as he gets caught in the middle. Yat-yin starts an argument with Fei-yi as he wants to sell their village house and buy Tak-ching’s shares. Yiu-ching receives HK$20,000 as his friend makes an incorrect funds transfer. He embezzles the money and places bets. But he loses everything. Yiu-chung miraculously hits the jackpot. But Yiu-chong has given the lottery ticket to Yat-yin.

Nama Episode:Episode 1

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