The Forgotten Day Season 1 Episode 2

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Yat-yin insists on returning the lottery ticket to Yiu-chong. Yiu-chung wants to snatch back the lottery ticket. While Yiu-chung carries out his scheme, he accidentally burns the lottery ticket. Yiu-chung asks his friend Yim Sing for help. Yim Sing offers some suggestion that he has some way to enable Yiu-chung to take revenge on Yat-yin. Fei-yi’s sister-in-law Meng Siu-dou and Kwan-shui scold Fei-yi for discovering Siu-dou’s secret. Late in the evening, Fei-yi is annoyed as Yat-yin has not returned home. The couple start another argument over selling their village house. Fei-yi angrily leaves home. Yim Sing and his chums kidnap Yat-yin. Yiuchung also pretends to be taken hostage as he is afraid of getting into trouble. The kidnappers demand a ransom of HK$5 million from Kwanshui. Yiuchung tells Yim Sing he wants a piece of the pie. Feiyi goes to deliver the ransom. On the way, she comes up with some other idea. Feiyi saves Yatyin. Yatyin brings up the topic of going to save Yiuchung.

Nama Episode:Episode 2

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